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Come bambini di sera / Like children in the evening

How many invented stories
to make children cry
and clashed songs
to pass the holidays.
How many old mad men sleep under the bridges
and the rivers overflow.
Look into the dirty water
to feel yourself better.
What will she do if you don't know her yet?
And where do you go when you don't find anybody?
Do you think you live better
without turning yourself back? ...back...
Where do we hide
Like children in the evening

Il segreto / The secret

Now that the secret is finally unveiled
you cry and then you laugh and you know you invented it.

Tunnel / Tunnel

Now you know you have the world in your hand
now you know you are somebody important
you are in the wisdom age
the car of the dreams
and Sunday morning
you don't know... you don't know what to do
you want to talk to somebody
absurd faces in the streets
a tram passes by, you want to scream:
"Where are my friends
why nobody is here"...
You take the car you want to drive
you make a short tour in downtown
now... you can only come back home
but nobody waits for you
now you push on the pedal...
suddenly you want to run away
you run towards the motorway
you want to escape from your destiny
you see a tunnel...

Abissi infiniti / Endless abysses

I'm flying inside my future
white endless roads
behind me there is only a wall
but I will never be able to come back.
I hear an echo calling me
my shadow is driving off
it greets me and it goes...

And there on the lawns
far shapes
calling me
from the branches
a sweet music leaks off
that will never end...

Nebbia incantata / Enchanted fog

In the wizards era
in real dreams
the enchanted fog
filled the castles
haunted the towers
covered forests.
In the middle of Nothing
in the bottom of the void
there is the bewitched lake
that the time drained
filled by fog
covered by green.
Our images navigate there
and nobody will never be able to cancel them.
Cracks of light... of the Moon
turn in the fog waves
they settle themselves on the sand bottom
and glass shells are born
where we'll sleep.. we'll dream happy.

Fessure di luna / Cracks of Moon

They turn in the fog waves
cracks of Moon light.
It settles itself on the sand bottom
the ship come from the sea
Far shapes stand out in the wind
bright images, faded by time.

It vibrates in the secure hand
the sword that bracks the seal.
It drains breaking the walls
the time which was filled by the sound.
Heads full of music burst.
And the light... that you will see
those noises you wanted
those colours... you dreamed of
you will live again... and then...

Merlino / Merlin


La grotta di cristallo / The crystal cave

Now... alone in the cave you can play
try the magical arts in the fire
that... gave to King Pendragon, merry knight,
with mean deceit as bride... Igraine
and caused the death of the traitor duke.
It was in Tintagen, the castle
it was... suspended over the sea
that... that fate came to an end
accomplice was Merlin.
...There you left your heart
accomplice of the destiny
then... that much hated day
when the baby was conceived
you know... that in you he left the void
wanted by the Divine.

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