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Jordrök / Earthsmoke

Vandringar i vilsenhet / Wanderings in confusion

Fragments from times past are now.
The world of loneliness where we live,
with everything that has been piled up
all around us,
constantly brings our inner being
towards disturbance and disharmony.
All dreamers who know
something else are wrong.
It may be that one is led astray.
Why exist here for no good?
Time goes suffering
my soul passes onwards
in the dream.

Searching for an answer in a mist dominated
by confusion and incomplete life;
Where immoral people take over
and thought becomes a feeling of
despair, doubt and indifference.
Then, we rendezvous and gather for a feast
for comprehension beyond
a hypocritical, jesting and abracadabra world.

Ifran klarhet till klarhet / From strength to strength

What kind of strange thing are you
who talk of confusion?
The Aesir that govern us in our faith
say that what is happening
takes us to a better world.

What is true,
what is false
in a fabricated illusion?
To be supplied and guided
constantly ready,
does it make you free and strong in faith?
Questions [of wonder] are close to me.

Dreams about abstract things
take us on an unknown journey,
in which limitation, right,
wrong and time
do not exist.
There are wondrous things there.

Kung Bore / King Winter

In the light from my lantern
I see the shadow of sorrow,
in dreams that have been extinguished
from a life that has had its time.
I cannot stand and watch
while we flee
reality and truths,
where morality is fantasy.

It is you who chooses
it is you that swallows
their fairy tales and lies and flattery.

Is it true that they who speak
loud, strong and right
also plant dead flowers?
Then it cannot be easy
for a human to believe
that God, he is great,
when silence spreads
in the house where she lives.

It is you that chooses,
it is you that swallows,
their fairy tales and lies and flattery.

"King Winter" is dead
and Spring, the newly elected,
is the people's hero.
Visions are born,
and it is time to populate
their castles in the clouds.
Life's panorama,
a hallucination, I have
longed for so tremendously.
Give me a view
into the land of dreams,
only then will I be happy.

(translation by Hans C. Larsson and Sandy Santra with
modifications by Ron Chrisley and Jonas Mellin)

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