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Introduzione / Introduction

The voice narrated
to the last one who
remained in the World
the true reality

And then it ordered
to go among its people
to say the truth
and the game started.

That voice pushed in the chest
with the pain of understood things
maybe it was in time to say it also to the others
maybe it was in time to say it also to the others

What's the life of a man who cried
like watching a clean sky
like fixing your eyes in the Sun
like seizing a lended hand.

And the voice pushed in the chest
with the pain of understood things
it had to go soon
it had to go soon

The poetry of a windy day
the last leaf of a dead tree
the first sunny day of April
a warm body a close hand

Primo incontro / First encounter

He went beyond the mountains and further
without turning back to see
the way to make is long
but he had to go still to go

A man is there with his face down
and already the ivy embraces his body
black is all the blood he has
on the wounds of torn ears

The voice obliged him to scream
all that was dying inside him
what he screamed the wind took with it
he would not have felt anything anymore.

Secondo incontro / Second encounter

He will see, he will see
even if he can't hear
a bright sky
what can tell him

A face of an old man
close already to death
there wasn't faith
now it is already strong

The gaze of a man
who isn't scared
what is it, if he lacks
a strong voice

He saw the night
the day ending
and women in the dark
ready to betray

The hand lended
the faces emptier
dying the best ones
rejoicing the mighty ones

But he didn't remain to think alone
he had to look for something that is there
and it wasn't night it wasn't day
and the horizon remained there

He didn't surrender
he did never surrender
he didn't ask himself
man where are you going

And what he saw was another man
with those arms spread in cross
without hearing his voice
he moved close to him and talk
But in those lightless eyes
stinging thorns were embedded
he did feel those wounds like his
and then the light wasn't anymore.

Terzo incontro ed epilogo / Third encounter and epilogue

With his arms extended
he seeked his head in the darkness
with the fingers he found a shape

Only the cold
of death
he could feel
in his hands
his true word
from the chest grew up again

But his mouth
tired and immovable it remained
that scream crushed him
deep inside him it crushed him
and the darkness around him
then was inside him
and dark it was

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