BANCO - Darwin

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L'evoluzione / The evolution

Try, try to think a little different
nothing was manifactured by great gods
but the Creation created by itself
cells fibres energy and heat.
Spins inside a cloud the Earth
swollen in the heat it stretches its limbs.
Ah the mother is ready she will give birth
already she arches her lap
she wants a child and she'll have it
son of soil and electricity.
Grey layers of lava and coral
humid and colourless skies
here the World is breathing
mosses and lichens green sponges of soil
are the greenhouse of the bud-to-be.

The sea vomits shapeless creatures
pushed out in clots on putrid shores
the land hosts the muddy herds
groveling they pass on their likes
and the time will change the flabby bodies
into shapes useful to survive.
A wretched Sun dissolves the green
among young ferns loaded of spores
and free sounds move in circle
acoustic spirals in the virgin air.
And I stupid still believe
who tells me that flesh is dust.

And if in the fossil of an atavistic skull
I rediscover shapes that are similar to me
then Adam can't anymore exist
and only seven days are few to create
and now tell me if my genesis
was of other men or four-handed's

Adam is dead by now and my genesis
is not of men but four-handed's.

High, making arabesques a halcyon
squeaks over the gorses and the sea
now the Sun knows whom to warm.

La conquista della posizione eretta / The conquest of the erect position

Rush rods and wrinkles of ancient stone
smell of beast footprint of quarry
nothing more my prone gaze sees
if my back is curved.
Could I straighten out my neck
and keep my body upright opposite to the wind
I try and fall and try
and upright I stay for a moment.
The scream resounds in the whole vault
until the volcanos it goes up and then I stay watching
and my eyes drink the flights and the jumps
my forests and the others.

And where the air there down touches the sea
the straight gaze can look.

La danza dei grandi rettili / Dance of the great reptiles

Cento mani e cento occhi / Hundred hands and hundred eyes

Over there other uprights go together
together they are hunting alive fleshes
hungry mouths strong arms
throw flintstones with furor
I must flee or making myself closer to them.
On your cane you offer meats to me
which for sure haven't been conquered by me with my strength
what action is this it doesn't fit to a strong
the prey is yours and so yours is the great meal

Of hundred hands is my strength
and hundred eyes make the watch for us
your are alone
Our strength is in hundred hands
and hundred eyes make the watch for us
you are alone
Now you can go if you want
or stay and join us

And from a herd a tribe that goes
from a village a city
people who breathe on time
men locked up inside stone boxes
where one can't hear the wind
But the wish of fleeing that I bring inside of me
won't save me.
Make a circle around the fire, quick
quick with the stones quick
make them ready cutting and sharp
other hands will kill and there will be more food
but the wish of fleeing that I bring inside of me
won't save me

750.000 anni fa ... L'amore? / 750,000 years ago... Love?

Already the water swallows the Sun
your breast dances while you run downstream
with your herd to the sinks
your dry leaps you come to refresh
Spread body with large flanks
in the shade I stay, I stay here watching you
having you, yes having you... having you...

And I keep my breath
if you would see me you'd flee away
and drive my nails in the ground
the red clay hides my face
but I'd wish for one moment hold you to me
here on my breast
but I can't you'd flee you'd flee away from me
I can't have you have you
I can't you'd flee
have you I can't...
Even only once...

If you really were mine
I'd dress your breast of water drops
then under your feet
wind veils and leaves I'd spread
Bright body with large flanks
I'd take you in green field and would dance
under the Moon would dance with you.

I know the mind wants
but the inert leap can't say anything
the sky made darker
you already go away stay a little more to drink
really mine ah if it was true
but who am I a big ape
without intellect without intellect without intellect
a big ape you'd flee you'd flee
a big ape a big ape without intellect
you'd flee, you'd flee...

Miserere alla Storia / Miserere to the History

Glory to Babel
let the Sphinx laugh for millennia furthermore
let's build in the sky until Syrius
let horses frothing on Milky Way
How much life does your intellect have
if behind you your race disappears?

Ed ora io domando tempo al Tempo ed egli mi risponde... non ne ho! / And now I ask for time to the Time and it answers... I haven't any!

Wheel eternal heavy wheel
slow in your squeak
you're crushing my bones and my will
Mechanism made of crosses
with your stuck puppets
which hang from your radius
and turn with your gears

Goes the wheel goes
it does never miss a blow

The faces change nothing changes
the old fathers' sperm
I screamed high my rage
but I agonize too, me too

Ah giant wheel
so why do you make me think
if in your turning
you'll brake my mind

Goes the wheel goes
it does never miss a blow
never and it goes.

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