BANCO - same

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In volo / Flying

Keep soft your hypogrif's bridles, Astolfus,
and unbrindle your flight where man's work more burns.
But don't beguile me with fake images
but let me see the truth
and be able then to touch the right one.

From here, sir, one can dominate the valley
what you see, it is.
But if the picture is meagre to your eye
let's go down to see it better from lower
and we'll glide down in a winged gallop
inside the crater where time burbles.

R.I.P. (Requiescant In Pace) / R.I.P. (Rest In Peace)

Horses bodies and broken lances
get red,
laments of people who die alone
without anybody nearby.
Huge pupils turned to the Sun
dust and thirst
death's breathlessness you can always feel on you
even if you won't know why.

Rest in peace. Rest in peace.
Rest in peace. Rest in peace.

On clots of dead fleshes
you erected your glory
but the blood you spilt has felt back on you
your war has finished
old soldier.

Now the wind sit down
your look remained hung to the sky
on your eyes there is the Sun
in your chest still remains a dagger
and you won't, won't shoot never more
your lance to wound the horizon
to push yourself further
to discover what God only knows
but of you only will remain
the pain, the cry that you gave
to push yourself further
to discover what God only knows

to push yourself further
to discover what God only knows

Traccia / Trace

Metamorfosi / Metamorphosis

I don't know
if I resemble to you
I don't know that
I feel that nevertheless I'd not want
mark my days with yours
no no

Il giardino del mago / The wizard's garden

When I was a child I got on it
on the horse with my head down
I galloped without making sound
the wooden hoofs that flew over the flowers
they didn't ruin the colours.
They're singing at my funeral
whom is crying for me maybe does not know that
for years I searched for myself
and step by step with the thorns by now in my feet
very tired tired.

I've arrived in the wizard's garden
where behind every branch there are crucifixed
man's ideals.
Big ideas got older in the magician's garden
I stay hung to a branch behind a dancing picture
under a nail in the air
I'm there needing human caresses more than you.
        And time goes time goes it passes
        and time goes time goes it passes
        And what do you do and what do you do and you
        and what do you do and what do you do?
I'm arrived by now down here
        but come away come away come away
I can't come back I'll stay
        if you will stay if you will stay what will you do?

Every creature of the wizard's garden
lives all its time inside a hollow tree
There's who's laughing who's moaning
who's riding butterflies
who's knowing the future
who's ruling the stars like a king
        ruling the stars, ruling the stars,
        ruling the stars, ruling the stars,
        but who's ruling by himself...
How strange is today the Sun
It does not make dark who know why
maybe evening won't come
to kill me again
it's been pityful only now.
For pity of my mind that goes away
the day will wait
for me it will stop a little more
I already see glass leaves
trees and gnomes running behind each other
light swans dance
what is reality good for, all in all.

With my hair free in the wind
I oversee the time
my time
there in the spaces where death has no dominions
where love crosses the borders
and the servant dances with the king
crown with no vanity
eternal is the road that goes.

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