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Ansia / Anxiety

And my sad and infamous life
spent killing and stealing,
comes back every night with the terror
of not finding whom can save me.

A friend told about priests:
never seen! Who are them? What do they do?
Charlatans merchants or prophets
but they take away this solicitude of mine.

Confessione / Confession

Tell brother what's your sin
tell me with whom how many times you've been.
You told lies, you've been a snitch. Come on
why don't you tell me, I'm friar Isaiah.

Listen to me friar I don't know if I committed a sin
I killed a bastard who wanted
cover by his money his dirty past
trying thus to mock his fate

What do you say brother, you killed.
In the fifth one remember it's been prohibited to you.
I can't save you from the eternal fire
you just have a ticket to Hell.

Listen to me friar and tell me if this
you call it sin or a noble act.
I took the money to a rich sir
to give food to a dying man.

Una strana regina / A strange queen

If you can fly
Tell me how do you do it.
If you can dream
tell me when do you do it.
If you can love
I want to know,
if only killing I,
if only stealing I,
other I can't do,
you learn me.

What do you think friend
that anybody exists
knowing how to love: No!
By now on this world
everybody is like you,
love they don't know what it is.
On the Earth
a strange queen reigns,
she lives in castles formed by every street,
she changes her dress every evening
and is called hypocrisy.
Dear friend who kill and steal you are like me
and perhaps, without knowing
in this life you won,
and hope that our God from the afterworld
see and forgive our impiousness.

Il nevare / The snowing

White clouds in the pale blue sky
from high look at the fields with the plough;
it's not a harassment, no
not wetting the soil
but maybe also in the sky there is
a little war
and you what do you do?
and you what do you do?
and you what do you do?
I saw a mass of black birds
strange creatures with human eyes.
They searched for a grain field
for long months they will search in vain.
and you what do you do?
and you what do you do?
and you what do you do?
Heavy fires felt down that day,
they wet my eyes lost in light
lost in the effort of knowing of seeing
how much pure joy from a simple snowing,
something in the snow a small cabin
white and lonely maybe abandoned.
Far away a bell tower
reminded a prayer
over ancient roofs shades
celebrated the evening.

L'amico suicida / The suicidal friend

Around your body there's a halo of death
I look at your meatless face,
you smile, you're strong
your waxy face and the slow impulses
your dark leaps
make my teeth squeak.
Soothed you wait for your solution
your death in bittersweet gives
a strange sensation
a strange sensation
a strange sensation
a strange...

You asked me not to cry;
it was the last favour
even this one has been denied to you,
dear unlucky friend
and the world condemns you
and talks about it disgusted,
this dirty idiot world
precisely it, which created you,
but not me
but not me, I don't understand
I don't blame your act,
I know your story,
I know your sad poetry
with the flavour of death,
your hand in mine
and after this death of mine
life comes back in me
and now I feel the strongest one,
I haven't anymore queens but a king.

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