CELESTE - Principe di un giorno

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Principe di un giorno / Prince of one day

Prince of one day
you are searching for a lawn to rest, you dream
the wise man in white
who shows you the way
toward endless realms
where the wind does not exist anymore.

Subject, friend of yours a horse who
now kisses the other land and leaves you
lake and rods
the colour changes
choruses go up toward you.

Bright light green temples
brings the bottom to you.
Real throne in pure waters
calls a righteous king.

Reach your castle, turn yourself back
now you are, look at yourself in a mirror, look at yourself in a mirror.

La danza del Fato / The dance of the Fate

Veil your voice
while you play the lute that
knits sungs and harmonies
with the sea there with you.

Mosses and shores without fires
it lacks the time to undertand
the hermetism of the shouts
white halo to hope... again.

Long is already the lace
which spreads by yourself
Meanwhile you rob the eye
habit of heart

They sweetly wet your skin
long and also beautiful shouts
they're just clamours
those callings you will hear... again.

Eftus / Eftus

Where is it? Who knows? It's here!
In me? In you? Yes it is!

Don't look for... it isn't there.

Favole antiche / Ancient fairy tales

You go up, you fly, you feel, you live
around you they sing they dance.
You graze hands unarmed minds
close by you they joust they paint

From the high you come back
plentiful of smell
you offer your flank to me.
Coffer of sounds
it invites to speak
ancient fairy tales ancient fairy tales.

You paint the sky that
in the wind
gold and silver
offers to me.

L'imbroglio / The cheat

There is a merchant who
can sell to us
what we never find.

He visits cities
makes wide tours
but he does not pass by here yet.

La grande isola / The large island

Sing old troubadour
your king wants it
you think to a queen
made by sea

You won't be never deceived.

You who look from a top
down towards the sea
you think to a troubadour
made for

Giochi nella notte / Games in the night

Father hidden in the mountain
I remain to play
and make a present of your gold.
I (sbalbo ?) the light
I dip myself into the water
which from dark becomes splendour.

Do you live here? No I follow the Sun
to see.
Stay here! No I can't I have to
go by now.
Will you come back? I don't know just try
to wait.

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