DALTON - Riflessioni... idea d'infinito

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Idea d'infinito / Idea of infinity

The Moon reflected
in the bottom of the pond,
in the silence a piece of a man
down the road
The smell of dawn
an idea of infinity.

A groan of love
in a dark corner
A weeping of a baby
fondled by the wind.
The smell of dawn
an idea of infinity

Stagione che muore / Season that dies

White and grey skyscrapers
closed up my town.
There's no place in the streets,
while the green is a rarity

Where are the butterflies?
I don't remember them anymore.
It's almost ten years
that there aren't anymore

It's a season that dies
in the noises of the city
It's a season that dies
in the noises of the city
It's a seson that dies...

Cara Emily / Dear Emily

Dear Emily forgive
if I din't think anymore
when I had that woman
in my arms.
In that hotel room
with a wreck like me,
I hurt for an hour
your remembrance.
But my soul wasn't there
It walked with you
towards the time which never gives back
what it promises.

But you first betrayed me
You offered yourself to the infinity
dear Emily, why
you prefered Heaven to me?

And do you remember we two children
and that race along the river
in which flower, in which wave
shall I find you?

Where has that day gone
that too short day of ours
dear Emily why
you prefered Heaven to me?

Un bambino, un uomo, un vecchio / A child, a man, an old man

A child's dreams
are killed by reality.
He wakes up a beautiful morning
and he has no dreams anymore.

He starts to limp
to get far
fighting, toiling
for four flies in the hand...

And in the way he will lose
values and ambitions
then old and tired he will die
with no emotions.

Dimensione lavoro / Dimension work

The work kills you
too many are the hours
the evening you're tired
and time for yourself
you almost don't have anymore.

And let's think that we were born
to make bigger things
think what you could do
with the brain you have

You wake up and already you run
little by little you die
and, at the end of the day,
you just lived twenty minutes!

Think about that!

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