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Introduzione - Introduction

On the ruins of ancient cities
flowers grow without color.
Sad trees stretch to the sky
coppers corroded by the time.

Selva oscura / Obscure forest

Porta dell'Inferno - Hell's Gate

Leave all hopes
you who enter, damned spirits,
by the warmth and ices you will suffer!

Caronte - Charon

Charon demon, fire eyes in the dark.
"... and never hope to see the sky again,
black spirits to the eternal fire you will burn!"
Charon demon

Spacciatore di droga - Drug dealer

Now that you swear for the anger and the pain
You, drug dealer, will cry.
You are condemned to the hardest darknesses
and the illusions you gave you will not have.
extinguished eyes in the void are looking for you,
human larves of a world lacking of every reality.
How many times had they suffered for your greed,
but it is not with money that now you will pay

Terremoto / Earthquake

Limbo / Limbo

Lussuriosi - Luxurious

"We are damned together,
we suffer these pains
and we will never come back.
Lovers we were in life
of vice and pleasure
and we will never come back."
You are damned together,
you suffer these pains
and you will never come back.
Perverted and inverted,
forbidden lovers
you will never come back!

Avari - Misers

"I have never prayed
money was my God
and it's here that I will have to pay."
How many times you have enjoyed seeing
people to fall, you were blind and you will have to pay.

Violenti - Violents

Red the blood flows
among the paths where life is fragile.
Heated sun of an August day
when his life vanished.
He fell hit by two truncated canes
because he had betrayed you.
With the pebble in his mouth he was found
on that field of orange trees.
After two days the entire village
followed the funeral.
Slow a crowd walks
following an altar of death.
A woman who remained alone cries
to fight in hush.
Black is the veil on her face
covering two tears of pain.

Malebolge - Malebolge

Large seas of complaints
of shadows lost in the dark
of an endless night
where the deceit gets lost.
White faces, absent looks
eyes marked by hatred.
Malebolge, Malebolge,
black prisons of cry.

Sfruttatori - Exploiters

With your hands of master
you have taken advantage of my people.
You have cut their grain
with the scythe of the law.
You fed the world
with women, young people creatures,
old men with death inside their heart,
men by now burnt by the Sun.
With your hands of master
you have taken advantage of my people.
But in a sweat lake
now you slowly sink.

Razzisti - Racists

You have despised a man
to make him your slave.
On the cotton fields
more bended is his back.
Work black man!
Sweat! Cry! Die!
Masked men, schism of damned
fixed to these crosses
now you burn!

Fossa dei giganti / Well of the giants

Lucifero (Politicanti) - Lucifer (Politicians)

Dipped into this sea,
you will freeze in eternal,
"Gentlemen presidents"
with your politics
you have woven every deceit
and betrayed the ideal of the man.
On death's throne
you monstruous emperor
scutch those damned
venting your anger.
And my blood is frosted
thinking to our Hell.

Conclusione - Conclusion

And it was therefore that we returned
to see again the stars.

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