QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA - Il tempo della gioia

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Villa Doria Pamphili / Villa Doria Pamphili

Going down on the ground when it's soaked of dew
then offering her the hands.
Waiting for the wind to take here all the stars
and surrounding that heart waiting for us.
Creaking the leaves, mingling in the air
among the moans a singing will sprout.
Sweet the harmony plays with the nature,
it rises and then slips over the lawns.
The joy for the matchless moment vibrates inside us,
in that roar there is all its glory.
I shout and it answers me, flying on that wing,
and you will open your nest to me in a plunge.

A forma di / Shaped like

Il tempo della gioia / The time of joy

Fireball falling into the blue mirror
you paint inside us those deep colors,
yes, in the sunset now there is your face,
toward the reflex I'll fly, close to you
go on the carpet, don't think.
While you talk to me in the wind
I steal your sweet smiles,
but the destiny already decided for us,
you cannot give new emotions to me.
As if you scanned the time of joy,
never of pain, your smile is there:
wise queen you are,
everybody knows how to learn from you,
sudden the goodness you friend have
enters into myself, I search trough the deep sea,
there your treasure hides.
Yes, suddenly the air trembles,
the fear already took yourself,
cristals rain down,
I return into your mind
I'm your serenity,
sudden the goodness you friend give
enters into myself, I search trough your deep sea,
there your treasure hides.

Un giorno, un amico / One day, one friend

The fire splinters, it transmutes your skin,
with his hands it creates the life for it;
He's drowning in the juice of its immense breath,
with the words in your secret jewel-case.
Run into the Sun, sprinkle your colors,
a new mark you will be able to leave;
its sap fills with joy your face,
a spark is born,
strengthened in time.

E' accaduto una notte / It happened one night

That serpent wriggled,
clutched to the stones that
no more want that blood of yours.
Those two eyes, by now printed,
there in the dark are extinguishing
and I will see in the void.
Walking that way
many shapes make themselves up for mercy.
In the coil of the night I,
see a sunray filtrating there from the sky.
As in a dream so
here's a car jumping
down into the abyss: life will be then.
In that dawn
that part of fruit that
is running away from the presentiment which will capture it, vanishes.
Impatient is the sea,
I'm trying to catch the waves,
over the magical wings of the wind the message disappears.
The sudden ring
is the sad echo
that makes hope run away from my thought.
A roar bursts out
a gleam of fire
suffocating already extinguished voices.

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